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Patents protect inventions, which can include products, components or processes.

By obtaining the protection of a patent as an inventor you are ensuring that you can take legal action if someone tries to copy, use or make your invention without permission. A patent gives you the sole right to make, use and sell your invention irrespective of whether other third parties arrived at the invention independently of the patent holder’s insight and knowledge.

In today’s competitive business world you need to move fast to protect your intellectual property rights as soon as you generate a new idea for a product or process. If someone moves quicker than you, copies your invention and applies for a patent before you do it can be extremely difficult, costly and time-consuming to claim that it was in fact your idea in the first place.

Although securing a patent can be complicated and time-consuming (some two to four years from the application to a grant of a UK patent) the benefits of acquiring protection for an invention could far outweigh the disadvantages. Patent ownership allows the holder to exploit the patented technology exclusively whether themselves or by licensing the technology to third parties and therefore patents can be extremely valuable assets to individuals and business. We can help a business realise the value of an idea, and support an individual or business through the application process.

How we can help

Our team will make it easy for you to understand the big picture which begins with advice for you on your initial idea, whether it is new, not obvious to a skilled person, is capable of being made or used in any kind of industry, is not excluded under the law and therefore eligible to be protected by a patent.

Sometimes a business cannot get the patent it needs because of an existing patent. Our team can advise on the likely success of challenging patents both in the UK and abroad.

Our team can also help you look at creating new revenue streams through licensing your invention or ultimately selling the invention as an asset.

If you would like to speak to a patent attorney on 01283 526200, alternatively you can send us a message.

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