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A trade mark is a word, image or logo that distinguishes an organisation, business, company or individual and its/their products and services from the competition. It establishes your “brand”.

It can be a word, a logo or a combination of both.

Your trade mark can be your brand and can be your most valuable asset, so it needs proper protection. It is likely to be a prized marketing tool and enables customers to instantly recognise your services or products.

Registering a trade mark gives a business the exclusive right to use it in the territories that the business operates in (and the territories/countries for which you have applied for registration in) and enables a business to take action if a third party tries to use it. Businesses can also use a registered trade marks as a revenue generating tool by licensing others to use it, or selling the trade mark out right.

Without appropriate research when you launch a business, a brand or re-brand an existing business you may inadvertently infringe someone else’s trade mark, which could prove a very expensive exercise.

How we can help

Our team can help you understand your trade marks (or potential trade marks) and how to apply for trade mark protection on a national or international basis. We can support you through the research process before making an appropriate application in the UK or internationally.

We can also offer advice and guidance in the event that your requested trade marks are being used by someone else and what action you can take against them.

Getting the right professional legal advice at the right time on trade marks, their registration and possible infringement can save a business more expense and significant problems in the future. With practical support and quality advice from us, your investment in your brand can really pay off.

To speak to a trade mark attorney, please contact 01283 526200, alternatively you can send us a message and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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