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£27k Recovered For Major Law Firm Via Debt Collection Service

£27k Recovered For Major Law Firm Via Debt Collection Service

Else Solicitors’s Head of Debt Recovery Rachel Greenway helped an international law firm to recover more than £27k.

The Client

A full service law firm, which has offices across the UK, Europe, and Asia, approached Else about using their debt collectors to recover more than £27k of unpaid fees from one of their customers.

Else offer a range of debt collection services for law firms and we were more than happy to recover these fees.

The Challenge

Our client’s debtor was renowned for causing difficulties and always defaulted on payment arrangements.

We decided to develop a strategy that would ensure that our client’s debt would be paid in full.

The Strategy

After advising the law firm of their options, Else’s debt collection solicitors decided to issue court proceedings against the debtor.

They set-up a Tomlin Order, which is a payment arrangement that has been sealed by the court.

More than £20k was collected via this arrangement before the debtor reverted to type and again failed to continue with the payment arrangement.

Our debt collection team then obtained a court judgment for full payment and instructed the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEO) to retrieve the remaining debt.

Return on Investment

Despite the debtor threatening to pay the remaining debt in further instalments, Else’s debt collection team stood their ground and managed to recover the full debt in one payment.

Ultimately, the law firm trusted Else to act on their behalf and the full debt was recovered.

Not only was the debt recovered but Else’s fees were also paid by the debtor.

Words From Our Solicitor

Rachel Greenway, Head of Debt Recovery at Else, said: “The debtor never made a payment on time so I called every month on the date payment was due and near enough every day after that to ensure payment was made.

“We held firm and it worked. Our the client was able to recover more than £27k.

“This case is an example of how law firms can work together and offer services to one another. By trusting Else’s expertise our client was able to recover their full debt at no cost to themselves.”

Our Debt Collection Services

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