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Debt Recovery Solicitors Retrieve £4.5k For Major Travel Brand

Debt Recovery Solicitors Retrieve £4.5k For Major Travel Brand

Else Solicitors’s Head of Debt Recovery Rachel Greenway helped retrieve a £4.5k for a major travel brand.

The Client:

PGL Travel Limited is a leading outdoor education provider and it owns a range of outdoor activity centres around the UK, France, Spain, and Australia.

A customer (the debtor) had been using one of these centres to train its staff. However, they had failed to pay their invoice for this use. They owed PGL £4.5k.

The Challenge:

The debtor had not responded to requests for payment from PGL for four months.

This meant that swift and robust action needed to be taken to ensure that payment would be made.

The Strategy:

Else’s commercial debt recovery solicitors decided to serve the debtor with a letter requiring them to pay the debt in full.

The letter gave the debtor 72 hours to make the payment or Else would make an application to liquidate their holding company.

Return On Investment:

The debtor paid the full £4.5k debt within the 72 hour window.

They also paid PGL’s legal fees.

The Client’s Words:

Rosemary Wheeler-Jones, Credit Controller of PGL Travel Ltd said: “PGL asked Else Solicitors for assistance in collecting a debt that they had been chasing for a couple of months.

“The debt details were emailed across on the Thursday and within a week the full balance including costs was credited to PGL’s bank account.

“Needless to say I was very pleased with result and the quick turnaround.”

Words From Our Solicitor

Rachel Greenway, Head of Debt Recovery at Else Solicitors, explained: “As the debt was over £750 we were in a position to threaten the liquidation of the company.

“It is a quick way of finding out whether your debtors have 1) any intention to pay and 2) the means to pay.

“This case is an example of how commercial debts can be recovered very quickly and with very little cost to our client.”

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