The Tower Brewery Host ‘Hop’ Property – Commercial Property Event

The Tower Brewery in Burton on Trent recently hosted an event organised by Else Solicitors LLP, a regional law firm, to recognise the thriving commercial property market in Burton The event was attended by over 60 guests, who included the Mayor and Mayoress of East Staffordshire, Simon and Jane Gaskin.

Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Chris Else Felicity Fisher Jane Gaskin Simon Gaskin Peter Fox

Holding the event in a brewery may seem an unusual choice for a law firm, but this unique and quirky setting, and the history of the building made it the ideal choice.

Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Peter Fox Felicity Fisher Chris Else drinking Tower Brewery Ales

Back in 2000, Peter Fox was advising John Mills when he decided to buy the building to start his own brewery company. It came to light that there was a covenant preventing the building from being used as a brewery. The property was previously owned by Worthington Limited & Co and Bass Worthington Limited, and the covenant was imposed by them. However both companies had ceased to exist by 2000 and Peter was successful in tracing their successors who were entitled to the benefit of the covenant and securing its release. The Tower Brewery has since enjoyed commercial success both from brewing activities and as a venue for events, comedy nights and music gigs.

Commercial Property Lawyer
Over 60 guests attended the Else Solicitors Hop Property Event

Originally it was intended to call the event “Hot” Property to highlight the booming property market in Burton, but bearing in mind the venue, the firm could not resist the temptation of making a reference to the brewing activities that go on within the building.

“Burton is growing, Else is growing and Else’s commercial property department is growing. Despite Brexit, the commercial property market is generally very buoyant and there has been a significant increase in new work over the last 12 months.” said event attendee.

Speakers highlighted the many significant changes currently taking place around Burton including the Branston Locks development, which will eventually lead to 2,500 homes and a new 20 hectare business park. The site will provide 1 million square feet of industrial space and create nearly 4,000 jobs from the new businesses, hotel, pub, restaurant and sports and recreation facilities that are planned.  They also mentioned the proposed move of the Burton Rugby Football Club to Branston, and the IMEX Business Park in Moor Street which is planned to be converted into a residential development.

Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Claire and Peter Boyce with Felicity Fisher and Peter Fox
Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Martin Tomes Adam Gilbert and Neil Wade


Commenting, one speaker from Else Solcitors said “the team very excited by the challenge of building on the foundation which Peter Fox and Chris Else have laid over the last eight and a half years. We believe that the developments taking place in Burton and along the A38 corridor will bring further commercial projects, business growth and opportunities for many years to come, and I look forward to progressing and expanding Else’s presence in the commercial property market.”

The Else commercial property team provides legal services to many local and UK wide clients. Over the years Peter Fox has developed a particular specialism in the licenced trade and has formed many strong client relationships with breweries, pub companies, clubs, hotels and relevant parties across the UK.

Peter mentioned during his speech that it was a difficult and lengthy task to find a successor. However, he was certain that suitable plans were in place to forward the ambitions of Else’s property department, and is confident that the future of the department is bright.


Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Philip Hickman from Rushton Hickman with David Byron from Clyde Ltd
Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Caroline Keith and Helen Olner Trent Welding
Commercial Property Lawyer
L-R Andy Rudkin Neil Howie Sean McDonald and Kim Radley
Commercial Lawyer
L-R Nathan Anderson Dixon with Mayor Simon Gaskin

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