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Debt Recovery Solicitors

Debt Recovery Solicitors

Ledger Collections Service

Ledger Collections Service: Why Else?

Else Solicitors will:

  • Give your insolvency practice and the companies you represent the resources needed to collect the payments they need to survive
  • Minimise the distraction of having to collect old debts when the company is struggling
  • Trace those annoying disappearing debtors
  • Fast track your invoices and send debt collection letters within 24 hours of receiving the details.
  • Take the necessary legal action if the debt collection letters fail. Our experienced commercial dispute teams will advise you on the best action.
  • Discuss your options in regards to those who can’t pay now, e.g. negotiate payment plans

You can relax knowing that we have:

  • Experience in credit management
  • An impressive 95% success rate using only debt collection letters
  • One of the highest debt recovery rates in the industry
  • Flexible approach to fees based upon making the debtor pay and a “no collection- no charge” policy option if required
  • An enviable reputation for always going the extra mile and offering a personal, jargon free service.

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What We Do Best

The majority of an organisation’s or a business’s financial difficulties are due to cashflow problems. Sometimes, they are not selling enough but more often than not their problems stem from the fact that they are not being paid on time.

Many businesses give up chasing old debt as it starts to cost more than it is worth in terms of lost production time or they just think they won’t get paid. This is because they have tried their usual processes with no success or, in some cases, they cannot find the debtor and think there is nothing else they can do about it.

There is clearly no point in them sticking to an approach that isn’t working. This is where you need to change tact rather than throw in the towel and you need to do so rapidly when the company is in trouble.

In many cases, a financially struggling business can be turned around by collecting some or most of its book debt.

Else are the veteran experts at getting late and old debts paid. When we bring our reputation and formidable legal weight to bear, many people and companies pay their bill after just our first letter.

It is this speed in getting your late and old debts paid which can help you turn around your (or your client’s) business.

Why not give us your ledger or book debts? You might be surprised by how much of your “old and abandoned” debt we can collect for your business.

We invite you to speak to Laura Charles or Chris Else today on 01283 526210 or on or

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