Else continue to excel with Lexcel

We are proud to announce that Else Solicitors has retained the national Law Society’s prestigious Lexcel management quality mark.

The Lexcel accreditation is an acknowledgement from the Law Society that Else is delivering not only a consistent, high standard service to its clients, but also has demonstrated a commitment towards quality business management. Clearly as a Practice, Else is proud of this achievement.

As with all commercial enterprises, law practices have to decide how best to engage their resources in order to sustain levels of business and plan for the future. Undoubtedly the requirements of Lexcel are stringent. A number of procedures must be put in place and followed to the letter. To gain and retain Lexcel accreditation, a practice must undergo a rigorous initial then annual application and assessment process. This includes conducting background checks and an on-site visit from an experienced, trained Lexcel assessor.

With less than 1 in 10 law firms holding the accreditation why, in these economically uncertain times has Else decided to concentrate its energy, investing heavily in this labour intensive process, in order to achieve the Award? The question is: is it really worth the effort?

Practice Manager the driving force behind the Lexcel initiative at Else, Tracey Marsh, is quick to respond,

“In today’s ever demanding and competitive market, the need for quality is vital. The framework upon which Lexcel is built provides us with a solid foundation on which we can deliver excellent client care and quality of service.”

Chris Else, Partner, supports Tracey in her views.

“The improvements that we have introduced in our processes have had the effect of enhancing communication within the business. By involving everyone from the junior admin staff to the Senior Partners in the risk management of the business, the process has had the effect of motivating and encouraging what was already a well organised, united and unified team. As far as sustaining our current business and generating new growth is concerned, the key to success for us has always been having a motivated and happy team. In many ways the Lexcel quality mark is a true mark of the motivation and dedication of the people who make up the Practice at Else and for that reason alone it has certainly been worth investing in the process.”

Else joins more than 1,000 other legal practices in England & Wales with Lexcel accreditation. The practice management accolade has also gone international, with firms in Scotland, Poland and the Republic of Ireland having gained accreditation.

For more information about the Lexcel practice management standard please visit The Law Society website.

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