To the Heads of Legal Services: A Service Tailored for Your Company

It can be difficult managing a legal department or team in a company or organisation. It becomes almost impossible if you don’t have enough resources or the specific expertise required for a certain period or for a particular project.

Let us ask you:

  • Are you frustrated by not having enough people in your legal department to manage a specific project on top of the day to day business?
  • Are you concerned about how your legal team will cope with a key player away on holiday, maternity leave or long term sickness?
  • Do you feel apprehensive about your Board’s lack of legal knowledge?
  • Or is everything fine but you would like some specific legal expertise that you don’t have in-house for a certain project?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then our new Solicitors on Site service might be the answer that you have been searching for.

How Solicitors on Site Can Help You

Solicitors on Site (SoS) is a new and innovative service from Else Solicitors. As part of this flexible, on-demand offering, we helicopter one of our expert solicitors into your company for as long (or as short) as you need. They can work with you at a desk in your office or remotely from our office in Burton or a combination of the two. This is great news for companies in London who can use one of our specialist solicitors for about half the rate of a London-based one.

SoS is the perfect solution for temporarily extending your team and enhancing your legal expertise. This pay-as-you-go service saves you on recruitment costs and the hassle of finding the right permanent person for your company.

How could your legal department or team benefit from this service? It could be as simple as covering you or one of your team when they are on:

  • Holiday;
  • Maternity or Paternity Leave;
  • Long term sick.

You can also receive specialised support on a range of matters such as:

  • The negotiation of and putting in place new commercial agreements between you and your suppliers and/or customers;
  • The agreement of new distribution dealAdam Gilbert (our Head of Corporate and Commercial) has a wealth of experience in negotiating and putting in place lucrative distribution deals;
  • Credit control – our experienced debt recovery team employ a proven process to turn won’t pay companies into payers;
  • Agreeing new IT contracts – you can be caught out by the contract for a new IT system (or even a change to an existing one). Many in-house teams lack the experience to spot a bad IT contract and how to agree its changes so that it gives you the support your business needs;
  • Legal training for your in-house legal team on a specific topic – it is often easier to have your whole team trained on a new topic or receive an update on a current one rather than doing this piecemeal or hoping they pick up the changes themselves;
  • Director’s duties – the ever-growing amount of responsibilities and obligations placed on directors (including the Bribery Act) is difficult to keep on top of. Invite us in and we will take the strain off you and train your directors using our tried-and-tested programme;
  • Training your customer facing staff – it is important that your customer facing staff and salespeople are aware of significant legal changes such as a new set of terms and conditions. Our team have developed a set of fresh training techniques to ensure they are fully understood without confusing (or boring) your non-legal staff;
  • Corporate activities – such as buying and selling businesses;
  • Dealing with major redundancies or new employment contracts – it is often easier if a third-party is involved in these instances, as they can coolly deal with pent-up emotions.

We can help in a myriad of ways. For example, we recently assisted a major High Street retailer to improve their existing Terms and Conditions. We then went the extra mile and helped them to communicate these and get them agreed with their existing suppliers.

Most of their suppliers agreed but two major corporates said they were unhappy with the new terms. So once again, our dedicated professional stepped up and negotiated a set of terms that were agreeable to both parties.

But Will They Understand My Business?

You can rest assured that our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the below industries from the inside-out:

  • Retail (including major companies);
  • Hospitality;
  • Licensed Trade;
  • Brewing;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Construction;
  • Banking;
  • Public Sector;
  • Social Organisations.

It is important that we fit seamlessly in your team and understand your goals and objectives. Our solicitor will spend time with you and your team to understand your company’s needs and the objectives of your specific project. This is built into your project and typically takes from a few hours up to a day.


The package for your project is custom-tailored for you. You, your team and your company have your own unique needs and requirements and we will work hard to ensure we know what you want and precisely how you want it delivered.

This could be as simple as having someone on site to answer questions while you, are away or as advanced as negotiating a complex distribution deal for the best result for you and then putting it on paper to form an airtight contract. It could be as straightforward as an expert remotely supporting your company with credit control or as demanding as one of our highly skilled solicitors backing up you or one of your Directors in a tense meeting.

Whatever your requirements, we will develop a package that fits you like a Savile Row suit.

But what about the cost? Else offer competitive rates for expert and dedicated support. How you pay depends on you and the particular project. This could be payment of a:

  • Fixed fee;
  • Set hourly rate; or
  • Retainer (for larger projects or longer periods).

The retainer offers the best value for those companies who need some on-going support, for example when one of your team is on maternity leave. As a valued longer-term client, we will even give you a couple of complimentary days each month.

You can place your confidence in Else Solicitors to get the result you need. Why not contact Adam Gilbert, Partner and Head of Corporate & Commercial on 01283 526229 to find out how we can make your job easier.

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