Corporate & Commercial Trainee Seat

I joined Else Solicitors in December 2017, I am currently in the first year of my training contract in which I am completing an extended seat in the corporate and commercial department. The department’s services also expand to cover other areas of law such as: technology, intellectual property protection, banking and security work.

Start of my training contract

Apart from the expected introductory meetings and internal training, my first couple of days at the firm were pretty much hit the ground and run with it; with regards to networking and work. Within the first two days I had already attended a dinner meeting with a local client (a prominent marketing agency start-up), whom I have since completed corporate and commercial work for, as well as represented the firm at a football match against clients at St. George’s Park!

Since the start of the training contract, I have found that there is a distinctive style of training at Else that is balanced between a team focused nurturing environment and confidence in individuals to allow them to develop and grow their own unique styles.

The supportive approach taken by my colleagues in the corporate and commercial department has allowed me to gain confidence in qualifying not just as a solicitor, but as a business advisor that can assist corporate clients with any of its legal needs.

Notable workload experiences

Despite Else Solicitors being considered a “small” firm, the varying level of business and legal exposure I have gained so far has been excellent for my training. I can only anticipate that by the end of the training contract I will be in a far great position in my career as I would have ever envisaged. To date I have already been involved with:

  • Assisting the head of department on the share sale of an £8 million Burton based telecoms company;
  • Assisting fee earners in representing Wesleyan Bank Ltd on secured lends ranging from £100,000 to £1 million;
  • Assisting on the incorporation of a not-for-profit Derbyshire football club (limited by guarantee) with bespoke Articles of Association, as well as a right to manage company (limited by guarantee);
  • Advising businesses ranging from sole traders, multi-million pound SMEs to reputable nationwide businesses on data protection legislation (including GDPR), in relation to internal employees processes and external processes with customers.
  • Advising and assisting on a variety of other corporate and commercial matters including but not limited to: general company secretarial matters; share buybacks; shareholders agreements; investment agreements; bespoke Articles of Association; and terms and conditions.

The lighter moments throughout the seat                                                                      

The work hard attitude pushing the team to grow and develop collectively, is also balanced with the lighter moments throughout the working week that makes working in the department that much more enjoyable: whether it be Adam’s “sing along Friday”, Sally’s storytelling of yester years, Greg’s unexpected “Gregisms” or Ash’s regular boundary dispute with Greg over desk space.

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