“It’s football Jim, but not as we know it…”

Its a typical Tuesday evening in early March for most football fans. The Champions League last 16 knock-out stages are on TV, and there is a busy schedule of mid-week league action up and down the country, including vital games for our two local teams Burton Albion and Derby County.

But these are mere distractions for a group of businessmen whose only focus was the Else Solicitors vs Wesleyan ‘invitation’ match, held each month at the St George’s Park, the FA’s national centre located right here in Burton. And this particular encounter provided enough action, goals, controversy, and twists and turns to satisfy even the most demanding of armchair fan.

The Else Solicitors team included the usual heavyweights of Chris Else, Andy Rudkin, Adam Gilbert, Greg Bullock, and Aaron Singh. They were joined by some high profile business stars of the ‘green carpet’ including Neil Howie (Erskine Murray), Dean Nelson (Smith Cooper), Mike Pett (Ground Solutions), John Colburn (Skipton Business Finance), and Carl Crockford (Springs Cleaning).

Playing on the full-size indoor Wembley replica pitch at St George’s Park facilitated an open style of play with plenty of space for the players to express themselves. The resultant spectacle was a pleasure to behold, and early goals from both teams had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The halftime scoreline of 4-2 in favour of Else Solicitors (and guests) was “thoroughly justified” (said team captain Chris Else).

If the first half performance of his band of ‘merry men’ was impressive, then the same can clearly not be said of his halftime team talk, which resulted in a second half display that had the fans booing and ultimately leaving the stadium well before the final whistle. Four unanswered goals by Wesleyan resulted in a final score of 6-4 in their favour, but more importantly questions as to what exactly Chris had said at halftime, or perhaps what he had given his team to drink (as if we need ask…).

If you are interested in playing in the monthly match then please contact Andy Rudkin or Chris Else directly on 01283 526200 or by email Andy.rudkin@elselaw.co.uk or chris.else@elselaw.co.uk.

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