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Construction Law

Construction Law Advice

Construction and engineering companies should be mindful of the legal pitfalls that can occur during the construction process.

Else’s specialist construction solicitors in Burton upon Trent, can minimise legal risks while the building phase is on-going.

Issues can occur if on-site staff are not remaining vigilant, if subcontractors are complaining, or if there are accounting errors. Problems with records, the site diary, notices, photographs, and orders and invoices can also become a legal issue.

Else can provide you with terms and conditions to prevent problems from happening. If an issue has already begun we can develop a bespoke strategy to tackle problems swiftly and thoroughly.

In the complicated world of construction, a professional legal partner with astute commercial knowledge is a major advantage. Our solicitors understand the financial and strategic challenges of the sector and can work successfully with project managers, architects, engineers, surveyors, designers and building contractors.

How we can help

Else Solicitors’s wide range of experience means that we are ideally placed to advise on any issue that can arise. We work on everything from the development of small scale private projects to major public sector infrastructure projects.

We can advise from the very beginning of a project through to completion, guiding our clients with bespoke recommendations based on thorough analysis of each project.

If a problem arises, we can be relied upon to conduct a swift investigation and deliver workable, practical, solutions grounded in commercial realities.

We can negotiate favourable terms with lenders and investors, and assist on all aspects of procurement issues.

Our construction solicitors can lead contract negotiations and draft agreements, sub-contracts and warranties. These help to protect our clients’ interests.

If your business is faced with unfamiliar or complex terms which you do not understand, Else will give you a rapid, jargon-free, explanation. We will advise you whether you should sign the agreement or negotiate something that better protects and furthers your business interests.

For more detailed legal advice about your project issues, please contact our expert construction solicitors in Burton on Trent on 01283 526200. Alternatively, you can send us a message and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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