Else Solicitors LLP are committed to ensuring that our products, services and website are fully inclusive and accessible to all. As a company we are passionate about giving our staff the confidence and knowledge to provide quality support to all of our customers. We regularly undertake training to ensure we meet our obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

In line with this Else Solicitors have consulted several best practice guides and undertaken staff training and integrated recommendations where appropriate to ensure that it is:

Whilst we always aim to communicate clearly and as simply as possible, some of the articles may require a reasonable level of technical understanding due to the technical nature of what Else Solicitors LLP carry out.

1. Distinguishable: the default font size is larger than usual, and can also be increased further or decreased using the browser Text Size option which commonly appears on the browser Menu options. In addition, the site predominately uses black text on a white background, which is judged to be most suitable for viewing and reading.

2. Navigable: the website has been developed around a simple navigation structure consisting of a Main Navigation Menu displayed horizontally across the top of the screen, and a Secondary Navigation Menu within each section which is displayed vertically down the lefthand side. Links to sections have also been created within content and images too; thereby providing additional access points to supplement the Navigation menus. In such cases the links are clearly indicated and are as large as possible.

Links: Many links have title attributes, which describe the link in greater detail. Links are written to make sense out of context.

3. Predictable: the use of a standard Navigation structure means the flow of the website is consistent and predictable. This extends to the standardisation of the template for all pages, which consists of an image top left, secondary menu bottom left, and core content in the middle and right-hand areas.

4. Understandable: The content of the website has been created where possible using standard common English. Legal terms, phrases and concepts have been kept to a minimum. In some instances legal terms have been used where necessary and unavoidable.

5. Imagery: Images have been used throughout the website, but all are static and do not flash. All images are judged to be large enough to allow interpretation and are in keeping with the default font size. Alternate text has been used to explain the reference of the image relative to its use in the website.

Else Solicitors LLP are committed to continuously improving our website and the experience of our customers. We plan several upgrades to our website over the coming months.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us