Building for Success – or Failure?

One of the key things a business must get right to ensure its ongoing success is the location it decides to trade from. Choosing the wrong property or entering into a poor commercial deal can really limit an enterprise’s potential or, in some cases, be the difference between commercial triumph and failure.

Decisions on whether to buy or rent are crucial in the management and operation of almost any type of business. Which it is best to opt for will change over time and, for many businesses its use of premises will have changed significantly over the course of the pandemic. Business leaders and management will have to decide whether changes are temporary or really are ‘the new normal’ and will continue from now on.

Caroline Major, a Commercial Property specialist at Else Solicitors said: “Whether you are acquiring premises for the first time or whether your property needs are mature and changing you need to get the best possible advice on your options.
The key thing is to get legal advice that is absolutely bespoke, that completely fits your stage of growth and your particular circumstances.”

“Else Solicitors can advise you on the full range of options, including freehold sales and purchases, leases for both landlords and tenants, and re-financing. We act for a variety of businesses and their pension funds in respect of all types of commercial properties including shops, warehouses, restaurants and offices.”

“Put simply commercial property decisions can make or break your business and Else are here to guide you through them.”

For more information please contact Caroline Major on 01283 526200 or email

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