Are Your Commercial Properties Working for You?

Lease Portfolio Reviews from Else Solicitors

As a Landlord with a portfolio of let commercial properties it is important to undertake regular reviews of your Leases to ensure they are working for you. Without regular reviews any issues in a Landlord-Tenant relationship may only come to light at the end of a term of a Lease when the best time to deal with them has passed. Losing track of key dates in your Leases can also lead to missed opportunities to ensure a good return from your properties.

Else Solicitors provides targeted advice to commercial Landlords, focusing on their business needs. As experts in commercial property, we can:

  • ensure you understand all the key terms of your Lease,
  • highlight any opportunities for you to protect your asset or improve the returns to be made from your property, and 
  • provide you with a calendar of key dates in your Leases to assist you with your business planning.

In particular, we will consider and advise you on the following:

  1. Rent Review – have you taken advantage of any opportunities available to you to increase the rent paid by your Tenant?
  2. Repair – what is your Tenant’s obligation to keep the property in good repair? Can you inspect the property and require your Tenant to carry out works?
  3. End of the Term – what is your position at the end of the Term of the Lease? Will your Tenant have an automatic right to renew? How do you avoid a Tenant without this right accidentally obtaining it?
  4. Compliance with Laws – what is your responsibility to comply with laws affecting the property, including energy efficiency, asbestos management and fire safety?
  5. Breaking the Lease – do you or your Tenant have an option to bring the lease to an early end? If so, when?
  6. Service Charges – are you entitled to charge your Tenant for your costs of maintaining any shared areas or structural parts of your building?
  7. Breaches of Tenant Obligations – what options are available to you if you have a complaint against your Tenant? As part of the range of services we offer, our debt recovery and dispute resolution experts at Else Solicitors can also assist you with any disputes with your tenants, or any Rent or other charges owed to you by your Tenant.

Contact Else Solicitors today and speak to a member of our Commercial Property team, who will be happy to discuss your needs further.

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