Debt Recovery: Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court – DID YOU KNOW?

  1. You can use the Small Claims Court if you are owed an amount of money (up to £10,000.00) by a person or organisation and you have already attempted to recover the amount owed.
  2. Before deciding on using the Small Claims Court you must decide if it is financially worth it. Have you got funds if you are unsuccessful?
  3. Has your debtor got funds/assets to pursue if you are successful?
  4. You need to consider that the time limit, known as the limitation period for pursuing a debt is 6 years from the date of the invoice, last payment made or written correspondence from the debtor acknowledging the debt.
  5. You must ensure you have the correct details for your debtor. Name/trading entity and address must be correct, otherwise your proceedings and judgment will be unenforceable.

How we can help you

Else Solicitors has a long-standing reputation as the debt recovery solicitors. We work hard to ensure that you get paid whether this is through rigorous credit control, debt collection letters or legal action. Debt recovery is one of the things we do best and we can collect late and even “old and abandoned” debts on your behalf.

You can also use Else as an extension of your credit control procedure. Many businesses have found this to be highly effective. It saves you time so you can concentrate on your “good clients” and removes the frustration of chasing late payers.

For more information relating to the small claims court, credit control procedures and chasing payments, please contact Laura Charles on 01283 526210 or via or

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