Else Commercial Solicitors: 5 Tips To Protect Your Business

Hiring commercial solicitors is often an overlooked priority on the never-ending, sleep depriving, to-do list of a business owner.

When time and money are the driver of everything you do, it’s usually the money-making activities that take precedent.

It’s easy to feel that because you’re unlikely to run into big legal problems. But sadly, that’s not the case.

Else’s team of specialist corporate and commercial solicitors in Burton on Trent have come up with five tips that will help you to avert potentially expensive and time-consuming business issues.

Prepare Properly And Prevent Claims

We live in a world of compensation claims and no matter what your business is or does, there may well be a compliance liability that you’re unaware of lurking amongst your daily workload.

This liability could catch you out at any time.

Even your website is a risk if you aren’t au fait with the legalities of working online.

One of the most overlooked rules is observing EU Cookie Law. This can be a little-understood monster that could land you with a data protection disaster.

We would recommend that you invite one of our commercial solicitors to spend time with you so they can get to know your business. This will enable us to identify areas of potential risk.

A legal audit will ensure that you are compliant with all the latest regulations and raise your awareness of your business’s legal responsibilities.

Trade Professionally And Legally

With the ever changing goal posts for UK businesses it’s important to review your terms and conditions regularly.

You might be placing terms onto your client that are unjust or even illegal. Your current contracts could be leaving you vulnerable to wrong-doing and bad debts.

Dealing with legal problems as they arise is very stressful and expensive. These legal problems might even be barriers to gaining new customers or put existing client relationships at risk.

Else’s expert commercial solicitors will give you the right advice and guidance while you are setting-up new areas of your business. This will minimise the risk of problems occurring in the future.

When it comes to employing staff, leasing premises, or updating contracts, we can help your business to grow with confidence.

Build A Clear Team Philosophy

If your staff know that you have taken legal advice for your employee contracts, handbook, and disciplinary procedures, they’re more likely to comply should you need to enforce the rules.

Even long-term employees can become greedy and attempt to exploit their employer.

If you and your employees know your legal position you’ll eliminate the risk of being threatened with employment tribunals over trivial matters.

Employment tribunal claims often escalate into hugely expensive cases that destroy businesses. So make sure you are aware of your employees’ rights with regard to disability, payment, holiday, sickness and notice.

The Cost v Benefit

Once you’ve taken care of the legal side of your business, and you have a reliable commercial solicitor that you can turn to in times of need, you will able to focus your efforts on making your business truly profitable.

Don’t quibble over whether you can afford our advice. Think of the expensive if you don’t have it.

Please contact our corporate and commercial solicitors in Burton on Trent for more information. You can send us a message or call us on 01283 526200.

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