Employment Law: The Office Christmas Party!

Else’s employment law experts are well aware of the awkward situations that can occur as a result of staff having a jolly old time at the office Christmas party.

If you want your career to stay merry and bright for the next 12 months, stick to these recommendations from our HR and employment solicitors…

Christmas Party Tip No 1: No Snogging Colleagues

While the annual Christmas bash may seem like an opportune time to reveal your romantic intentions towards an unsuspecting co-worker, remember that there will be many many other colleagues watching you, that you and the subject of your affections will be tipsy, and that your sweetheart might not share your feelings.

It is more sensible and discreet to ask them out some other time. Public romantic rejections and snogging in front of the photocopier are not good ways to climb that career ladder.

Christmas Party Tip No 2: Pace Yourself (Booze & Food)

It’s all well and good being the life and soul of the party when it begins but that can quickly change if you get too over excited.

One too many shandies and you could end up sliding across the dance floor on your knees, telling inappropriate jokes to senior colleagues, and going-in for a smooch with a colleague.

On the other hand, if you fill-up on stuffing and mince pies you’ll be heading home for a snooze while the rest of your co-workers celebrate a year of good business.

Keep it cool people. A little goes a long way.

Christmas Party Tip No 3: Avoid Bad Smells

Whether its a pungent cheese board, a pile of smoked Christmas salmon, or a plate of ‘earthy’ sprouts, steer clear of foods that will make you smell (or produce smells). You don’t want to get known as that guy or gal.

Deodorant is also a must if you’re going to be showcasing your best moves on the dance floor.

Christmas Party Tip No 4: Turn Up To Work

If you know you have to work the day after the Christmas party make sure you turn up.

Christmas Party Tip No 5: Avoid Social Media

Filming a shirt-less, drunken, colleague singing karaoke and then posting it on your twitter account may seem like a great idea when you have had one-too-many eggnogs.

However, remember you and your colleague represent your company, that many of your clients may be avidly following your every word online, and your marketing manager may not appreciate this form of corporate sabotage.

By all means enjoy the video with your friends and coworkers but only show it to those you can trust, and keep the evidence to yourself.

From all at Else Solicitors, Merry Christmas.

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