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Company Restoration

For a businessperson, the idea of your company or one you are involved with being dissolved is a scary one. However, restoring the company can be a challenge worth undertaking! If you are interested in recovering a company, Else Solicitors can help.

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Making sense of Restrictive Covenants on Land

Proposals from the Ministry of Justice would see the introduction of a flat rate fee of £273 for applying for a grant of probate. Although this would be applied to practitioners and members of the public regardless of the size of estate, allowances are made of estates of less than £5000, which would not be charged.

When Probate gets complicated…

Warning – if you are hoping this is a juicy tale of battling beneficiaries or a feuding family, you may be disappointed! However if you are looking for a poorly drafted will leading to some extensive family tree investigation, then read on! This is a cautionary tale of the perils of not keeping your Will reviewed and updated. How things can go wrong even if there is no dispute. The facts are those of a real estate I am currently dealing with, but anonymised.