A week in the life of Chris Else, Managing Partner at Else Solicitors

Chris Else documents his busy week as Managing Partner at Else Solicitors.


To start the week off we always hold a Monday morning meeting for all staff which enables all team members at Else to hear what each of us did last week. The meetings are to include sharing success, wins, opportunities and social/networking events. The purpose is informed flow of information with cross referrals coming out of the woodwork and they often leap into life and become reality. The meeting drives efficiency, avoids duplication and most importantly reinforces teamwork.


Tuesday involves typically catching up with our marketing coordinator Charlotte on forthcoming events and initiatives, for example the recent Burton Rugby Club event. Else are keen, along with other prominent Burton businesses, to organise shared sponsorship events with a variety of local Staffordshire and Derbyshire based businesses. This works well in terms of cost and introducing opportunities by mixing different businesses and sectors.


The day starts by attending a Chamber of Commerce Speaker event at 7:00 am to start at 7:30am. I engaged with the event as a speaker on important local issues such as skills shortages in local business and what is being done to address that, Levelling Up and the local plans to deal with inward investment on the knotty issue of the Burton Library. In this respect the great news is that new money is coming into the town and feedback is being requested by the Chamber.

Each month, usually on a Wednesday, Else host a networking football match at St Georges Park v Wesleyan Bank with the Else team being heavily supplemented by local businesses. Great facilities and like Burton Rugby Club they are local.

The day is also spent dealing with internet enquiries which include work we do and legal work we don’t provide. As the main triage contact for enquiries and Clients I direct the work to my colleagues at Else for Debt Recovery, Dispute Resolution, Commercial Contracts, Commercial Property and Wills & Probate. For work we can’t assist with referrals go to Fiona Apthorpe at Geldards (matrimonial), Chris Faulkner at Orbit Legal (corporate) and Sarah Robinson at Premier Legal (employment).

Lastly, from 5:30pm onwards, I host the Meet the Leader event where leaders from local businesses meet to discuss and exchange ideas and opportunities.


Almost the weekend but we have an urgent matter coming in where we need to consider injunctive relief. A quick decision needs to be made whilst also having the day-to-day business decisions. We have the benefit of access to first rate Counsel and our Clients get the benefit of these connections and experience to guide their decisions on whether to proceed. Urgent work needs a quick and informed reaction and Else have great connections with specialist counsel.


Mostly means networking. Usually playing golf to a not very high standard at Branston Golf and Country Club. A great venue and ideal to take Clients and business connections to play golf.


The week is not over yet. More networking either at Derby County or Burton Albion, taking and/or meeting Clients there, and if neither of those are on the cards there is always Burton Rugby Club with the new ground being a first rate venue ideal for corporate sponsors and entertaining.

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