What Can I Do? The ‘Else’ Boundary Dispute Quiz

Boundary disputes between neighbours frequently become highly emotional, and can get out of hand. People get very protective over their property, and rightly so. Some disputes arise from the simplest of things, such as an overhanging tree, a garden wall, or a building extension.

But where exactly do you stand with some of these common disputes? We have created a quiz to test your knowledge of some of the commonest boundary disputes between neighbours (link to the Quiz is below). See if you know the correct legal position for each scenario. If nothing else, they show the importance of getting legal advice when it comes to boundary issues and disputes. Else Solicitors have a dedicated dispute resolution department with decades of experience advising clients and resolving boundary disputes. Please feel free to contact Ian Meadows for an informal chat on 01283 526200 or by email ian.meadows@elselaw.co.uk.

Click on link this link to access the Boundary Dispute Quiz


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