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Are you invoicing correctly?

Making sure you are invoicing your customers correctly, plays an important part should the relationship take a turn for the worse, and you find yourselves embroiled in a County Court claim or litigation. Of course, nobody takes on new customers envisaging that the relationship will turn sour, but we have seen cases where clients have invoiced their debtor incorrectly (the invoice addressed to them as an individual, not as a limited company for example). A simple mistake, but this resulted in further costs and time being incurred to amend the claim, costs that were not recoverable!

Make the Debtor Pay

There is nothing more frustrating for those running an enterprise than winning the business, delivering the work and then failing to get paid for it. Those who are late in paying and those who refuse to pay cause so much frustration and worry for businesses. But with the help of a specialist, businesses can start to tackle these problems and turn around a negative situation to something that it is much more positive.

Business Services: Legally speaking, we’re on your side.

At a time when it’s anything but “business as usual”. We wanted to offer some helpful advice… Our experts at Else have developed some top tips to help keep SMEs going until the market re-stabilises and we can all move forward stronger than ever post COVID-19.

Business Services: Propping up a business with your personal finances?

Legend suggests, any business that makes it past their third anniversary has a strong chance of long term survival. It’s a commonly accepted fact that most, if not all, businesses go through financial sticky patches during their life span. In practice it is important to identify these issues and deal with them head on by implementing change for the long term and the greater good.