Conveyancing Fees Explained

Conveyancing Fees Explained

Conveyancing fees vary because every commercial property and every purchaser is different.

When you are in the process of legally transferring ownership of a commercial property, either buying or selling, you can face a number of different types charges.

If you have good conveyancing solicitors, they will advise you about these costs before you employ their services.

That’s why Else Solicitors’ Commercial Property team have outlined the factors that determine the cost of your conveyancing.

Conveyancing Fees 1: The Cost Of The Property

Costs of conveyancing can vary depending on the price of the property and land involved. If you are buying a particularly large building, an old property, or a unique property there will be many more factors to consider during the purchase process. This can lead to an increase in conveyancing fees.

Conveyancing Fees 2: The Complexity Of The Case

There may be a number complex legal issues surrounding the building you are buying. If there are, the conveyancing process may take far longer, which can drive up the costs.

Conveyancing Fees 3: Unforeseen Problems

In most cases, unforeseen problems occur when individuals try to save money by doing the conveyancing themselves, or they get cheap but unqualified people to do it for them. It is worth paying professional conveyancing solicitors because you could end-up facing expensive legal bills and other charges if your conveyancing is not carried out correctly.

Conveyancing Fees 4: Stamp Duty, Land Registry, & Local Authority Fees.

You will also have to pay Stamp Duty, local council fees, and Land Registry fees for searches and for lodging title deeds. These will be charged in addition to the fees you pay to the conveyancing solicitors.

It is best practice to ask your conveyancing solicitor how much they charge before you instruct them to act for you. You should also ask them to outline any additional costs, like Stamp Duty, too.

With Else Solicitors we will always give you an accurate breakdown of our costs in advance and a timescale for completion.

If your would like to talk to one of our our conveyancing solicitors for a FREE quote please call 01283 526200. Alternatively, you can send us a message and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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