How To Instruct Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors

How To Instruct Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors

If you have a commercial property for sale or you’re looking to move into new premises you need to work with a strong firm of conveyancing solicitors.

With the right advice you can get the transaction completed quickly, thoroughly, and within your budget.

Our commercial property team have outlined five tips to help you speed-up your move.

Conveyancing Solicitors Tip 1: Instruct Your Representative At The Beginning Of The Transaction

Many commercial property sellers do not instruct their conveyancing solicitor until they have agreed the sale of their property.

In reality you can speed-up the sale process considerably if you instruct them before putting your property on the market.

Taking this step alerts your solicitor to your situation and gives them advanced noticed to have all the necessary paperwork ready when you do make a sale.

Remember ID checks have to be made, cheques need to clear, property deeds need to be found, and a number of documents have to be exchanged and confirmed.

This is especially important if you are selling a leasehold property, as opposed to a freehold property, as there are more parties involved in these transactions.

Conveyancing Solicitors Tip 2: Instructing In Advance Could Save You Money

You may be concerned that instructing your property solicitors before you have made a sale might cost you more money if the deal falls through.

It is worth noting that fees can be negotiated and can often be offset until the transaction has been completed, or paid in instalments.

For more information on this subject take a look at our blog ‘Conveyancing Fees Explained‘.

Conveyancing Solicitors Tip 3: Gather All Your Information At The Start Of The Deal

If you have the majority of your personal information ready at the beginning of the conveyancing process this could cut down a considerable amount of time.

The information you will need to provide includes;

  • Mortgage lender details

  • Deeds
  • All parties’ and their representatives’ contact details

  • Proof of your ID

Conveyancing Solicitors Tip 4: Respond To All Paperwork & Queries ASAP

If you are sent any forms to complete, or receive any queries from any of the parties try to respond to them as quickly as you can. If you take a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ approach then you could be adding weeks onto the transaction.

We recommend using registered post or delivering documents by hand to save time. This might cost you an extra couple of pounds in the short term but it could save you thousands over time.

Conveyancing Solicitors Tip 5: Make Sure That aYou’re Happy With All The Information

When you receive correspondence make sure you respond to it quickly but also make sure you check it carefully.

Similarly, if you don’t understand anything pick up the phone right away and ask your solicitor to explain it you. They won’t mind doing it. That’s what you’re paying them for.

Errors, mistakes, confusion, and disagreements can hold up the whole move.

If you would like to speak to a member of our commercial property team please call 01283 526200 or email

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