New Financial Qualification for Else Solicitors

We are delighted to announce that Else Solicitors has successfully completed the Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) certification process. The certificate is widely recognised as the industry benchmark used by banks and other financial institutions when selecting their suppliers.

To become an accredited firm, suppliers are required to be audited against FSQS requirements in specific areas including information security management; IT security; anti-bribery measures; fraud; GDPR and environmental sustainability.

The financial regulatory environment is often a minefield of complexities. That’s why the FSQS exists – to standardise the procedure and allow suppliers to demonstrate quickly and easily that they have measures designed specifically to minimise risk and protect their customers.

FSQS is currently used by eleven major banks and other financial services: Lloyds Banking Group, Metro Bank, Santander, Shawbrook, TSB, Aldermore, Clydesdale Bank, Nationwide, Arbothnot Latham, LV= and Weatherbys.

Commenting, Managing Partner, Chris Else, said: “We are really thrilled to become FSQS accredited. In order to gain the accreditation we were required to go through a rigorous process ensuring that we are implementing the necessary systems and procedures required by major UK financial institutions.

 “The accreditation reflects incredibly positively on each and every one of our staff at Else – they all have a role to play when it comes to accreditations like this as it covers almost every area of the business. It will also allowed us to further expand into the financial services market which is an incredible opportunity and one we look forward to grasping with both hands.”

 If you are in the financial services sector and think we can help you, please contact us on 01283 526200.

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