Corporate and Commercial

Does your small business need a corporate solicitor?

Hiring corporate solicitors is often an overlooked priority on the never-ending, sleep depriving to-do list of a small business owner.

When time and money are the driver of everything that you do, it’s usually the money making activities that take precedence over everything else. It’s easy to feel that because your business is small you can’t run into big legal problems. Sadly, that is not the case.

Directors Warning!

As a director, do you know the risks surrounding your personal liability? 

It is a well-known principle that a limited company is a separate legal entity and distinct from its directors or shareholders. As such, the company will normally be treated as solely responsible for the debt it incurs and the obligations it enters into. 

This article will highlights some of the main ways in which a director may find himself personally liable for the debts and obligations of his company, in particular the principle outlined in the case of Contex Drouzhba Ltd v Wiseman [2007]. 

wills and probate e-signatures

What are terms & conditions (T&C), and why should your business have them?

In short, terms and conditions agreement (T&C) set out the rights and responsibilities of the provider of a service and the beneficiary/user of that service. It effectively forms a legally binding contract between both parties and will often include details such as an explanation and definition of key terms, the legal limitations, duties, rights and responsibilities of all parties.

Standard terms and conditions agreements are often favoured by many new businesses – it does not involve instructing lawyers and is a quicker process, but do they cover you and your business needs adequately?