The New Renters Reform Bill – How Will It Affect Landlords?

As most Landlords and Tenants alike will know, the government is set to introduce the ground-breaking Renters Reform Bill (currently estimated to come in force on 1st October 2024), with a focus on empowering Tenants and creating a more equitable rental market, this bill is poised to bring about significant changes and it is important that both Landlords and Tenants are aware of the impending changes. No doubt, Landlords will be paying particular attention, as the bill promises to make it significantly harder to evict Tenants.

While the Renters Reform Bill emphasises residential Tenants’ rights, it also emphasises the importance of balanced responsibilities. The legislation includes provisions that encourage tenants to fulfil their obligations, such as timely rent payments and responsible property care. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and accountability, this bill aims to create a harmonious relationship between Tenants and Landlords.

Affect for Landlords:

The Renters Reform Bill contains several important elements that will impact on Landlords including:

  1. The abolition of the Section 21 (‘no-fault’) evictions
  2. Changes to how rents are increased and reviewed
  3. A requirement to join an Ombudsman Service
  4. Ensuring Landlords rent to Tenants with pets
  5. No more fixed term tenancies
  6. Changes to the grounds on which a Landlord can apply for possession

In future, all evictions will proceed on an approved reason given by the Landlord pursuant to a new notice under Section 8 Housing Act 1988. Whilst not dissimilar to the current Section 8 procedure, various grounds in Schedule 2 of the 1988 Act have been amended.

Despite the above, the Bill promises to strengthen grounds for possession and actually improve the Court processes enabling Landlords to quickly and effectively gain possession of their properties in circumstances when the Tenant has failed to meet their obligations.


The Bill, represents a significant step forward in reshaping the rental market, placing tenants at the forefront and prioritising their well-being. By strengthening security of tenure, improving rent control, enhancing living conditions, and empowering tenants’ rights, this legislation seeks to create a fairer and more balanced rental landscape. With the aim to benefit both Tenants and responsible Landlords, the bill is a positive stride towards ensuring safe, affordable, and sustainable housing for all.

At present, a Section 21 Notice remains an effective method of possession and one of the few solutions for a Landlord to regain possession of their property. If you require assistance in obtaining possession, then get in touch with us on 01283 526200 and let one of our specialist lawyers help you.

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