Will you, or won’t you?

It is a number that is at an all-time high. More than 31 million people in the UK now do not have a Will, a number that has been rising over the last decade. But if you fail to make a Will and keep it updated, all your legacy will be is stress and worry for your loved ones, and at a time they are grieving and least able to cope with it.

Dying intestate – without a Will – also means that your belongings may not be dealt with in a way that you would want.

Forever in debt?

There is nothing more frustrating for those running an enterprise than winning the business, delivering the work and then failing to get paid for it. Those who are late in paying and those who refuse to pay cause so much frustration and worry for businesses. But with the help of a specialist, businesses can start to tackle these problems and turn around a negative situation to something that it is much more positive.