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Employment Law Advice

Employment Law Advice

Employment Tribunal Solicitors

Employment Tribunals are independent bodies who can pass legally-binding judgements in disputes about employment rights.

Tribunals hear claims alleging: unfair dismissal; constructive dismissal (where an employee resigned because they felt their position was untenable); breach of contract; equal pay; discrimination (on grounds of race, religion or belief, disability, gender or sexual orientation) and the failure to follow correct procedures, or consult, during redundancy, grievance and disciplinary processes.

Applications to the Employment Tribunal usually have to be received by the Tribunal no later than three months (less one day) after the event complained of.  This is a strict limitation period and anyone bringing a claim should be careful not to miss the deadline. For unfair dismissal cases, you also have to work for an employer for a certain length of time before you can begin proceedings, unless the case involves:

  • Any form of discrimination.
  • Becoming pregnant.
  • Whistle blowing.
  • Health and safety issues.
  • A statutory employment right – such as the right to maternity leave.
  • Unlawful deductions for wages or outstanding pay.
  • Joining (or refusing to join) a trade union.

Claims involving serious discrimination can result in unlimited compensation payments if they are proved.

However, Tribunals are usually a last resort when all other methods of resolving a dispute have failed. They can be time-consuming and stressful to the claimants; there is always a risk of failure and they can prompt unwanted press attention and negative publicity for both parties. In addition, there are now fees payable by the Claimant in order to pursue a claim similar to the County Court.

How we can help

If you think a Tribunal claim is your only option, Else Solicitors has a specialist team who can listen to your complaint with understanding and give you practical advice on the likelihood of your claim succeeding.

We can suggest and help implement a range of other methods of settling employment disputes, such as mediation and alternative dispute resolution, but if a Tribunal claim is necessary, we can represent you at every stage and our experienced solicitors will work hard to secure a result in your favour.

We offer an initial, free, no-obligation meeting to hear about your case and give you some early guidance and advice.

For more detailed legal advice on how we can help with employment tribunal claims, please contact Stephen Stewart on 01283 526200 or email

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