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Employment Law Advice

Employment Law Advice

Holiday Entitlement & Equal Pay Claims

There are a wide range of rights attaching to payments due from employers in the course of employment, both statutory and contractual, for example:
  • Fair pay: Both men and women can bring a claim under equal pay legislation if they are not receiving the same pay, or terms, for doing comparable work, or work of equal value.
  • Your employer is prohibited from making unauthorised deductions from your wages, with specific protection for people working in the retail sector, where employers’ rights to deduct money for cash and stock shortages are limited by law.
  • Bonus payments are governed by contract law, and steps can be taken if a bonus was clearly guaranteed under the terms of your contract of employment but not given. We have experience of working with clients who are locked in disputes over high value bonus payments, both during employment and after it has come to an end.
  • When you are working out your notice period you should normally have the right to your pay and any benefits – such as a company car – that are specified in your contract. If you are told to stay away from work during your notice period, this is called ‘garden leave’ and is often used to stop employees working for competitors for a period of time. You should receive your normal pay during this time.
  • You are entitled to holiday pay in accordance with a minimum amount as set by the Government, and may get an enhanced amount of holiday under the terms of your contract.
How we can help

If you need guidance or advice on any issue concerning your pay rights, call our expert employment law team at Else Solicitors.

We can advise you if you have suffered a wage deduction, if your pay falls below the national minimum wage or what your options are if you suspect you are being paid less than someone of the opposite sex.

We will explore all options for resolving any payment dispute, including helping you negotiate for a fair settlement. If it is necessary to take a claim to a Tribunal, we can be on hand to provide support and representation to our clients every step of the way.

To speak to a member of the team who specialises in pay rights, please contact Stephen Stewart on 01283 526200 or email

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