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Wills & Probate Solicitors

Wills & Probate Solicitors

Mirror Wills

Mirror Wills can be used when a husband and wife, or an unmarried couple, want to create virtually identical Wills that leave their estate to each other in the event of the other’s death.

Each mirror Will can include instructions that if both parents die at the same time, both estates will be left to any surviving children. Guardians, who will look after any children aged under 18, can also be specified in mirror Wills in the event that both parents die.

If the couple have no children then their money and possessions can be left to another beneficiary named in both Wills.

Usually, the partners are the sole beneficiary in each other’s mirror Will and are also each other’s Executor. Additional Executors should also be named in case both partners die at the same time. In this case the additional Executor may be another family member, a close friend or a trusted professional adviser. Each partner can choose the same, or different Executors.

How we can help

If you think mirror Wills would suit your needs, you can call or email the Else Solicitors’ Wills team and book an initial free meeting to discuss any questions.

We can expertly draft your mirror Wills for a fixed fee. Once you are happy with the Wills, or you have made any amendments, you can make an appointment to come in and sign your Wills which we can then store securely, free of charge, for you. You can then be sure that your loved ones are protected if the worst happens.

We can advise on the updating of Wills if your circumstances change. Our team also has extensive knowledge and experience in setting up powers of attorney and trusts, where a group of Trustees would protect and control your assets on behalf of beneficiaries such as children who are under 18, or who suffer with a disability.

To discuss how we can help you make a Will that meets your particular requirements, please contact Kathryn Caple on 01283 526230 or email

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