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Else’s team of corporate and commercial solicitors are experts when it comes to drafting business contracts.

During the lifetime of your business, you will need a wide range of commercial contracts. If you don’t have meticulously drafted and agreed contracts you could face a host of expensive, time-consuming, legal problems.

In theory, oral contracts are as enforceable written agreements, but they are very difficult to prove. When things go wrong there is seldom evidence of what has been agreed, leaving you in a very weak legal position.

Similarly, agreeing to a project via email offers little protection for your business. When there are emails flying back-and-forth both parties may become confused about what has been agreed.

How can we help

Our specialist corporate and commercial solicitors have a wealth of experience when it comes to drafting all kinds of business contract.

We are experts at creating terms and conditions, hiring and leasing contracts, and intellectual property agreements and licences, that will create certainty on behalf of both parties.

When it comes to confidentiality agreements, agency agreements, and information technology agreements, we will ensure that your contract protects your company’s interests and minimises the chances of future legal disputes.

Else Solicitors have a detailed knowledge of all contracts, including distribution and supply agreements, so we can give you the right advice and make you fully aware of your rights and obligations.

From simple consumer contracts to franchising agreements and complex multi-party corporate agreements, we understand the importance of every word, clause, definition, and punctuation mark.

We will make sure you get a breakdown of everything included in a contract in plain English.

Our experts will brief you on any risks and how to manage them. We will ensure you are positioned to make informed decisions that protect your business today and in the future.

For more detailed legal advice about business contracts, please contact our specialist corporate and commercial solicitors on 01283 526200. Alternatively, you can send us a message and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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