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Sports & Entertainment Law

Sports & Entertainment Law

Event Management

Organising, managing and promoting large scale events requires expert legal advice on a host of areas which could prove expensive and damaging if anything goes wrong.

Whether you are the organiser or sponsor of an event – such as a live concert or theatrical show, a sports event or a major conference or exhibition – you need to be well aware of your rights and responsibilities as well as your liabilities and risks.

The issues may involve property law, brand rights, ticketing, broadcast agreements, online and ecommerce issues. You also need to be aware of your rights if a rival company attempts to associate its products with your event, which already has official sponsors. This is known as ambush marketing

How we can help

At Else Solicitors we have experience of helping our clients protect their interests and negotiate and agree contracts which will help ensure that events of all kinds are managed safely and in compliance with all laws and regulations. Licensing agreements, joint venture arrangements and structures to achieve earn outs are all areas where we can advise and support clients.

We understand the issues that need to be considered when you are drawing up agreements with a venue, sponsors, performers, participants and broadcasters. We also have a network of contracts with local authorities and experience of working with various governing bodies.

Else Solicitors can also advise you if you are a performer or participant at a major event and want to ensure that your rights are adequately protected.

For more detailed legal advice on how we can help with event management, please contact Adam Gilbert today on 01283 526229 or email

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