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Sports & Entertainment Law

Sports & Entertainment Law

Sports & Entertainment Employment Law

Conflict can arise over any form of contract between you and another party – whether that is a club or team, an agent, a media organisation, a venue or a company with whom you have signed an advertising or endorsement agreement.

Disputes can be time consuming and stressful, and settling them swiftly and efficiently – out of the media spotlight wherever possible – is important.

Sometimes it will be in a client’s best interests to settle any dispute out of court avoiding lengthy litigation.

How we can help

At Else Solicitors we are experienced in alternative methods of dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, and we have a solid track record in using these methods to achieve excellent results for our clients.

We are always focused on advising on the options that will best achieve our client’s objectives. If court proceedings will be the best option for our client’s interests, we will pursue that line of action.

Many issues and conflicts can be avoided if you seek professional legal advice at the outset of negotiations aimed at agreeing an employment, sponsorship or performance contract or any other type of agreement.

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