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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are a major headache. Our Dispute Resolution team can advise you on your best approach to your problem.

Boundary disputes can be caused by:

  • A disagreement about who owns and should repair the fence or wall between you and your neighbour
  • The ownership and usage of your shared driveway or drainage
  • Dense, tall hedges and over-hanging branches
  • A neighbour who has slowly encroached on your land over the years to a point you can no longer tolerate.

Boundary issues are not always clear-cut. A boundary’s location can change over time for many reasons, such as a diverted water course or a wooden fence that moves slightly every time it is replaced.

David Powell, a spokesman on boundary issues for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) says “There are rarely disputes over more than 30cm. Once you get above that, there’s something obvious with which to solve it.”

This raises the question, is it worth fighting over if it is less than 30cm? This is where you need an impartial and friendly solicitor who isn’t just going to advise you to take it to Court.

You need someone who will weigh up the pros and cons of legal action with you. Someone who will help you consider other options like mediation. Someone who has a wealth of experience and understands your chances of success and risks of losing.

Disputes over fence, wall or hedge ownership can cause arguments when it comes to maintenance and repair. In many cases, the deed plan of the property will show who is responsible, but not all plans indicate this. Again, you need to look at all your options and we can help you assess the best one.

No-one wants to come out of a two-day trial over a boundary dispute with a legal costs bill of £20,000. It is much better if you and your neighbour come to an agreement without resorting to the Courts.

Our disputes team understand that sometimes it is difficult for people to reach agreement especially where both feel aggrieved and there have been arguments and upset in the past. We can help you resolve your boundary disputes through mediation rather than legal action. Sometimes just talking to a friendly solicitor can resolve your problem.

Our policy is to consider legal action as a last resort. It is cheaper, quicker and easier to resolve these matters through mediation and arbitration. However, sometimes you do need to take a case to Court to get it resolved when the other side won’t come to the table or you just can’t reach an agreement.

Whichever way you decide to proceed, you will want Else Solicitors on your side.

What We Do Best

Else is a modern, dynamic and forward thinking team of solicitors. We have the expertise you expect from a large, traditional law firm.

Else Solicitors has been resolving boundary disputes for many years. You will feel in safe hands with our team of experts who have an enviable reputation for always going the extra mile and offering you a personal, jargon free service.

If you would like some legal guidance over a boundary dispute, then we invite you to contact Andy Rudkin, Head of Dispute Resolution on 01283 526239 or

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