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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes are problematic, distressing and time-consuming for both sides.

As a landlord, you may feel that your property and your livelihood is at risk. As a tenant, you might feel that your home or business is under threat or is not up to standard.

Both landlords and tenants are financially and emotionally invested in the agreement and this can make disputes explosive.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, you will want an experienced dispute resolution solicitor in your corner. Else Solicitors has pioneered a new approach to resolve landlords and tenant disputes rapidly. This effective process requires the type of advanced negotiation skills that most law firms lack. However, this is how we can ensure the best result for our client.

We always see Court action as a last resort. It is time consuming, expensive and draining on both sides. Our innovative dispute process greatly reduces the likelihood of you needing to take this step.

If you want to rapidly resolve a landlord and tenant dispute in your favour, then we urge you to contact Andy Rudkin, Head of Dispute Resolution on 01283 526239 or

Causes of Private Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The most common disputes between landlords and private tenants are around:

  • Non-payment of rent– this is common and needs to be addressed early. Sometimes, the tenant is withholding the rent as requested property repairs haven’t been completed.
  • Property repairs– broken down boilers, leaky roofs, faulty electrical re-wiring all need to be repaired by the landlord.
  • Damage to the property– this is often problematic. Reasonable wear and tear is to be expected and nothing lasts forever. However, when it does break this can lead to a dispute over whether the tenant broke it through misuse or whether it was just a case of wear and tear.
Causes of Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes

For commercial properties, common disputes are around:

  • Non-payment of rent– this can be due to cashflow problems or a misguided attempt to bring the landlord to the table to make repairs or negotiate.
  • Sub-letting– many companies who are downsizing want to sub-let the space they are no longer using. Landlords are wary of this and the impact that their property being rented at sub-market rates might have.
  • Service charges– these charges can cause issues, especially for the retail sector where shopping centre charges are very high.
  • Break clauses– Landlords are keen to ensure that the tenant has complied with all the contractual terms governing their right to leave a property early. The landlord might use any error in the execution of that break clause to refuse to allow the tenant to exit the property with litigation to follow.
  • Dilapidations– This is a common cause of dispute. The tenant is obliged to return the property to its original state when leaving. Often the tenant has made numerous changes to, and usually upgraded, the property. However, if the property is not returned to its original state the landlord may use this to withhold their deposit.
  • Lease Assignment– This occurs when the tenant wants to leave and pass their lease on to someone else. This is problematic for the landlord if he thinks the new tenant is not as financially strong as the original one.
The Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team will help you to resolve any of these issues to your satisfaction rapidly. Our new approach and process will help you to get the result you want without the need to resort to the Courts.

What We Do Best

Else is a modern, dynamic and forward thinking team of solicitors. We offer the expertise you expect from a large, traditional law firm. Else Solicitors has been helping landlords and tenants to resolve their disputes for many years.

If you require a quick resolution to a landlord and tenant dispute, then we invite you to contact Andy Rudkin, Head of Dispute Resolution on 01283 526239 or

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